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In the 6th mission of Sniper Assassin 2 (Ransom), the kidnapper is supposed to walk in briskly from the right and stand between you and the client (holding the white envelope to the left of the Pizza parlor door).

If a target just walks up to the client's right and stops, it is a known glitch. This appears on the version on Armor Games (which has functional level codes) but not on the Addicting Games site (where the level codes usually fail). If you can't play it on a certain site, back up and enter the level 7 code (persuasion) to bypass Ransom.

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Q: How do you beat RANSOM on Sniper assassin 2?
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What is the code for the mission after Ransom in Sniper Assassin 2?

The level code for Mission 7 in Sniper Assassin 2 is "persuasion."

How do you beat the immobilize mission sniper assassin 2?


How do you beat long way down on sniper assassin 2?

stop the rope on 100ft

How do beat ransom on sniper asasin 2?

You can't. There is a bug in the system that won't allow you to go to the next level, which is called persuasion.

How do you beat the jogger level on sniper assassin 2?

For the level 5 mission on Sniper Assassin 2 (Loving Wife), drop a branch on the guy. As he nears the center, shoot the base of the left branch in the tree at far right. It will hit him anywhere under it.

What is the mission after sucker in sniper assassin 2?

beach party

How do you win on sniper assassin 2 beach party?

shoot the kite !

How do you beat persuasion on sniper assassin 2?

Swing the lamp (F) then gut kick him or other attacks to raise his fear. It is vital that when the lamp stops moving you swing it again. After about a minute, his Fear will be higher than his Guts and you can press the spacebar to get him to talk.(Persuasion is Sniper Assassin II - level 7)

What are the level codes for sniper assassin 2?

Mission Level Codes for Sniper Assassin 2 : Level 1: liar Level 2: bully Level 3: maniac Level 4: justice Level 5: loving wife Level 6: ransom Level 7: persuasion Level 8: hideout Level 9: sucker Level 10: beach party Level 11: the truth (see related question)

What is the level that comes after Neighborhood Cleaning 2 in Sniper Assassin 1?


How do you complete level 6 in sniper assassin 2?

you have to kill the lord of dark

What is the passcode for level 7 on sniper assassin 2?

The level 7 code is "persuasion" -- you will need this if the site you are using has a glitch in the 6th level, Ransom, that prevents you from completing the mission. (The website Addicting Games has a functional level 6.)