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u have to go to cinnibar and talk to gary, he will ask you a few things and challenge you, go to viridian an he will be there

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Q: How do you battle the viridian city gym leader in Pokemon soulsilver?
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What is there to do in viridian city in Pokemon SoulSilver?

defeat gym leader.

Where do you find viridian gym leader blue in Pokemon soulsilver?

Cinnabar Island.

Where is the Viridian City gym leader in Soulsilver?

yes, and you have to battle her to get your 16th gym badge

Where can you find the Viridian gym leader in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Blue can be found at Cinnabar Island. You have to defeat the other 7 Kanto gym leaders before you are able to battle him.

Who is the eighth gym leader in Kanto and where do you find him on Pokemon SoulSilver?

His name is Blue, and he is on Cinnabar Island. Show him the other 7 Kanto Badges and he will go to the Viridian City gym. Then, go to Viridian City and battle him at that gym.

How do you battle the Pokemon trainer named blue in heartgold?

He is the Gym leader in viridian city

Where do you find the viridian gym leader in soulsilver?

go to cinibar iland and go by the Pokemon center and you will see a gey. talk to him he will leave. then fly to viridian city. GOOD LUCK!

In heartgold and soulsilver who is the 8th gym leader in viridian city?

Gym Leader Blue

Where do you find the 8 gym leader in Pokemon soulsilver?

Firstly, have to defeat the 7th gym leader. Then you go talk to the trainer next to the Pokemon center on Cinnabar Island. He is the 8th gym leader of Kanto, Gary. Gary is in Viridian City.

How do you battle blue on heartgold?

In HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions, Blue is Red's rival, and the gym leader of Viridian City. You can only battle him when you obtain all of the Kanto badges, he is found on Cinnabar Island.

Where Is The last Gym Leader In Kanto Soulsilver?

Viridian gym i forgot his name the team rocket boss guy.

Who is the gym leader for Viridian City and where do you find them in Pokemon SoulSilver?

In the original Silver game, the gym leader was Blue and you would find him at Cinnabar island. After meeting him there, you can go back to the gym and fight him.