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You need to carry a claw hammar, nails and wooden planks in your inventory. You must barricade ALL entrances on the ground floor, which means you need to carry multiple nails and wooden planks! The claw hammer is reusable, so you only need one. To barricade you press B at the entrance. Next, you must clear out all the infected (Zombies) on the ground level. Then you will be prompted to go into Personal Outpost mode by pressing O. There you can conduct most bussines as regular outpost except The Yard & The Arena abilities. Afterwards, you can go back into The Inner City and normal game play. You must take down the barricade in-order to leave the building, which means you press B again to take it down. NOTE: Once you create a barricade you can't loot items within the building, do quests or re-enter the make sure it's a building you don't really care about and you looted it before hand. Personally, I like to clear out the building first of infected, loot items and then create the barricade, but either method will work. Good luck and enjoy!

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Q: How do you barricade in dead frontier?
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To barricade hold down B when standing at a door and having a claw hammer, planks, and nail. You barricade to stop zombies from entering the building. It's best to barricade in public toilets because the have only a door and no windows to barricade. Tip: In brooms clear out the zombies then barricade. Once barricaded and all zombies are dead press O to go into outpost mode. (Add me flyguy12397)

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