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Well,you cannot. He used to be able to make a sailboat, but then he took an arrow to the knee.

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Q: How do you ask Tails to make a sailboat in Sonic rush adventure?
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How do you make a pure halo chaos on sonic adventure battle 2?

Pet a newborn chao with hero characters. (Sonic Tails Knuckles)

How do you make a tails and Amy chao on sonic adventure 2 battle without action replay?

The only way you can get a Tails Chao and an Amy Chao in SA2B without Action Replay is by via hacking.

How do you make a sonic chao in sonic adventure 1?

make your chao a normal run type

Did Sonic make any games?

Sonic is an adventure seeker, not a game developer.

Is there going to be a new sonic game in 2009 or 2010 like a sequel to sonic adventure 2 battle?

well, sonic unleashed was originally gonna be called sonic adventure 3, then sonic world adventure which was gonna be the 3rd sonic adventure game, but then they had to come out with werehog and didnt make it the third sonic adventure. but they might be making a new one late 2009 or antime 2010

How do you make a sonic chao in sonic adventure dx?

get a blue chao and make it a neutral run type

Is sonic adventure 3 for playstation 2 and ds?

There was never a Sonic Adventure 3 sega may make a sonic adventer 3 who except sega knows

How do you make tails into super tails in sonic the hedgehog?

I don't even know if there IS such thing, but if there is, I don't know.

How do you make a super sonic chao in sonic adventure dx?

buy a golden chao then make it run type.

What Sonic game are they going to make in 2011?

Sonic Adventure 3 and it will be coming out to the playstation 3

What is the action replay code to get a lunar tails chao on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

No. You need to make it yourself. Get a normal chao or a blue chao. Balance with both hero and dark characters to care for it. Give it only green chaos drives. When it evolves, it will look like sonic!

Who are Team Sonic?

Team Sonic are the trio of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles which feature under that name in Sonic Heroes. Sonic is the speed character and presumably the leader, Tails is the flight member and Knuckles is the power character. This name should not be confused with Sonic Team, who make most of the games of the series.