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its simple, all u have to do is click on the phone then hit servicesand when ur sim gos to the phone then click on adoption services. then they bring the kid the next day. and if one of ur other familes/sims lost their kids before u`ll get that one.

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Q: How do you adopt a kid in the Sims 2?
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Can you adopt or have a kid if you have more than 8 sims on the Sims 2?

I'm afraid you can't have more than eight sims in one household together at a time. I had this family once, when I had sims 2, and I had eight family members and I couldn't get pregnant or adopt any other babies.

Can you adopt kids on the Sims 3 3DS?

No u can not I tried to but u cannot adopt or have a kid

Where do you adopt a kid on sims 2?

Click on the phone, then click on "Services" and then "Adoption Services" then it'll tell you if you are suitable enough to get a kid. The the game will tell you the rest.

How do you get your sims kid in the adopttion center?

If the social worker takes your kid away, they end up in the adoption pool and other sims can adopt them via the phone.

Can you buy or adopt pets on the sims 2 for ps2?

Not on The Sims 2 for PS2 but you can on The Sims 2 Pets for the PS2(and for the DS.PSP.Wii).If you have a the regular Sims 2 for the PC,you can add the Sims 2 Petsexpansion pack and adopt or buy pets.I hope this come in handy.

Did Athena adopt a kid?

Yes called Erectheus. P.S Sorry about the sims 3 i love it

How do you adopt on Sims 2 for PlayStation?

you can't have/adopt kids on Sims2 PlayStation

Can you adopt kids on The Sims 2 pets for playstation 2?

You can't have kids on Sims 2 Pets. You can't make them or even adopt them. Sorry! But I hope this helps

How do you have a kid in sims 2 for the ps2?

you can't have a kid on sims 2 or any other ps2 games besides the sims (the orginal).

Can you adopt on Sims 2 university?

You can adopt in all of the expansion packs, but Sims that are at university can't until they become adults and leave.

How do you adopt a child on sims freeplay?

I don't think you can adopt a child..... But sometimes a little messege will pop up on your screen and say that there is a little kid that knocked on your door and you can adopt it into your familey on not. Maybe you will get lucky and it will happen to you to! It already happened to me 2 times!!

How do you adopt a kid on sims?

Have your sim use the phone to call for adoption. The menu choices are pretty straight forward from there.