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ya hes right but go to Google and look up cpstorm12.1 it works really well.

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Q: How do you add club penguin cheats on cheat engine 5.5?
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How do you get to a Club Penguin cheats page?

in your search engine type 'Club penguin cheats' and you can choose out of some club penguin cheat pages

What is the make out cheat for club penguin?

No cheats.

Money cheats for Club Penguin?

I don't really know. You can use a cheat engine. I use penguin storm 11.

What are some Club Penguin money cheats?

You are not allowed to hack (cheat) on Club Penguin.

What is cp trainer on Club Penguin?

a club penguin trainer is a thing where you you can discover all the cheats in club penguin and make your penguin do that cheat.

Is Club Penguin cheat less?

no there are cheats but I'm not telling

What is a good cheat site for club penguin?

What is the cheat site for Club Penguin? .com

Where can you find good club penguin money cheats?

Cheat websites

Why would you use Club Penguin cheats?

Club Penguin cheats provide cheat codes that you can use to unlock things. These cheats are not money cheats, just short cuts and glitches that will allow you to do things.

Do you have cheats for Club Penguin?

Yes, I have MANY cheats for Club Penguin. Unfortunately, I am not the type of person to REVEAL my cheats. But if you want EVERY CHEAT EVER DISCOVERED for Club Penguin, then go to: They have every cheat code, scecret, glitch and peice of info you could ever want! I do not own the website it is owned by FAMOUS Club Penguin resident ChrisDog93.

What is a good Club Penguin cheat?

Great website for cheats at related links.