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Under "Subscriptions" in the DSi Code Manager program, there should be 3 tabs above it: "Reload" "Add" "Delete.

Click "Add" and enter your subscription URL.

Here is a great website with tons of subscriptions, just click the desired game or bundle!

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Q: How do you add a subscription to Action Replay DSi code manager?
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What do you do if you put in 1 wrong code in a action replay?

Use your action replay code manager to delete it

How do you get the codes for an action replay ds?

There are many ways you can get codes for your Action Replay DS 1. You can browse through Action Replay Websites (ex. 2. You can find a "Subscription URL". The Action Replay Code Manager comes default with the Codejunkies Subscriptions (has lots of codes) Good luck!

Where can I download the Action Replay DS Code Manager?

See the related link for a download of the Action Replay DS Code Manager (USA), from Filetrip (GBAtemp).

I do not have the disc for the code manager to update my action replay and was trying to find a link for the code manager and action replay device driver software. I hav the older action replay. Help?

Go on Amazon search it and then buy it

How do you fix a Action Replay code Manager softwareruntime error?

the action replay code manager will not list the contents whenever it loads it stays for 6 seconds and dissapears

How come when i plug my action replay into my PC it doesn't show the action replay on the action replay code manager?

is your ds on? if it is, then you action replays broken

How do you replay the arceus event?

Use the action replay cheat Use the code manager ; it is long ; buy an action replay

How do you put action replay codes on your DS?

you type it in manually or use action replay code manager

Is there a code action replay to get Pokemon that are rare in Pokemon pearl?

Yes, you can use the Pokemon Modifier code. Get it by updating your Action Replay via the Action Replay Manager if you haven't already.

How do you use the action replay code manager Dsi?

put in your code manager disc and download the software

Can you make your own action replay code in action replay code manager?

Not Really But if you mean pokemon Then download PokeGen Search It and Download it

What does the disk that comes with action replay DS do?

The disc that comes with the Action Replay DS is the "Action Replay Code Manager". You can add, delete, and modify codes by using it. It is extremely helpful because you can just paste the long codes in there, instead of manually entering them. You can download the Action Replay Code Manager using the disc that came with it, or you can download it at Codejunkies. You can find out a tutorial on how to install the Action Replay Code Manager and how to add codes using it at WARC: