How do you activate mew cheat code?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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give me god sword

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Q: How do you activate mew cheat code?
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How do you activate the mew code for soul silver?

activate the code then go 2 the tall grass an press select till there is a wild battle then there is mew

What is the Action Replay code for Mew on Pokemon FireRed?

Here it is: Mew 59f09908 11e58618 B751bdf4 95cef4cc 6789rewk how do i activate code

Is there a cheat code for shiny Pokemon?

Yes, and you have to buy a cheat code thing to activate that.

How do you activate a cheat in ded space2 PC?

You have to find the cheat code

How do you activate a woozworld cheat code?

There are no cheat codes in woozworld; the only "code" is when you buy a activation code, which you will have to pay for

How do you activate the cheat code man in uniform in red dead redemption?

you have to complete the game to be able to activate that code or you can activate the jack attack code where you play as the guys son

What is the mew cheat code for FireRed?

There is none. all cheats for getting a mew are as fake as Micheal Jackson's nose

What is the box 1 slot 1 mew cheat code?

0837099 cheater

How do you get Mew and Mew Two in Pokemon Platinum?

if you have Mew on a game boy Pokemon game migerate it to platinum and than go to the pal park.

How do you use the Super Mew Cheat code on diamond?

You talk to the manager of the pokemarts and he will tell you a code. Then you tell the professor the code.

How do you activate a cheat code in Pokemon platinum?


Were is mew in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can find mewtwo in cerulean cave after beating all of the gyms, but mew is unavailable unless you have a cheat code device.