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push L + a + select

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Q: How do you access the mod shop in Pokemon Ruby with a Game Shark?
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How do you get Celabe in Pokemon Ruby?

game shark

How can you hack Pokemon ruby?

by using a game shark

How do you put in Pokemon Ruby cheats?

a game shark

How do you cheat on Pokemon ruby without a game shark?

you can't

Where to find mew in Pokemon Ruby?

mew cant be caught in ruby unless you have a game shark

How do you get Ho-oh in Pokemon Ruby?

action replay, or game shark.

Game shark code for ruby?

There are a couple of game shark codes for Ruby Pokemon. For example, Infinite money - E51e973s and walking through walls - E03B0649 5D67050C.

How do you get the codes for catch other trainer's Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

you have to use cheats from the game shark

How do you get all of the Pokeballs in Game Shark for Pokemon Ruby?

Don't cheat. Have fun.

What is the infinite master balls game shark code for Pokemon ruby?


How do you use cheats in Pokemon Ruby?

game shark you can buy it at game stop or best buy

What are some good game shark codes for Pokemon quartz?

As Pokemon Quartz is a hack of Pokemon Ruby, I'd imagine Quartz would use the same codes as Ruby.