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Wow, you must be new to pokemon lol....anyways Im assuming your talking about at the start of the game so here.....walk up to his bag when he says to help him and press it? THEN pick what starter you want

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Q: How do you access birch's bag on Pokemon emerald?
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How do you open your bag on Pokemon emerald?

You press start and select bag, I think?

When you get the eon ticket in Pokemon emerald will it be in your bag?

after you beat the elite4 you get the Eon ticket, yes it will be in your bag.

What is the code for accessing birch's bag in Pokemon emerald?

It is: 805D5CA1 C2B5

How do you move an item to the top of your bag in Pokemon emerald?

use your powers

How do you use items on Pokemon emerald?

go to bag select item and select use or give and select Pokemon or thing

How do you open your bag on Pokemon emerald on the computer?

Enter key, then z.

How do you get open the bag in Pokemon emerald vba?

You press enter-enter means start. Backspace is select.

What are all the hold items in Pokemon emerald?

Every item in the items pocket in the bag is holdable along with pokeballs.

Can you catch Ho-oh and Lugia in Pokemon emerald?

yes you can. you just have to trade Pokemon from Pokemon firered/leafgreen to emerald and if it is correct you should get an ticket in your bag. that ticket allows you to go on the boat (after beating the elite four) to navel rock and their you can catch lugia and ho-oh

How do you make your bag less full in Pokemon emerald?

you deposit some of your items at the computer or use some of them or just toss it away

How do you use a SUPER ROD in Pokemon emerald?

When facing water, open your bag and go to key items. There select the Super Rod and then use it.

How do you watch battle videos in Pokemon black?

you can access your battle videos on your VS Seeker in your Key Items in your Bag