How do you abandon a city in Evony?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Click on the Town Hall. Click on Cites ad choose what you want to abandon. To abandon a valley you click on Valleys instead of cities.

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Q: How do you abandon a city in Evony?
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What happens to your resources when you abandon a city in evony?

You lose them.

What is the password for abandon city in evony?

It is you password that you sign in with.

On the game Evony what happens when you abandon your city?

It turns to NPC of the same level of the flat you built it on.

How do you restart city in evony II?

you cant restart but you can go start on a new evony world

What determines the level of your city once you abandon it on evony?

Non-Player City levels are based on what level the Flat the City was built upon was when the City was abandoned. Id est; a Level 5 Flat will yield a Level 5 Non-Player City, a Level 8 Flat will yield a Level 8 Non-Player City, and so on.

Can you capture the last city of a player in Evony?


What are coordinates capital city burgundy evony?


Make a Sentence with abandon?

Do not abandon your children. Do not abandon your dogs. Do not abandon me.

Your city in evony has just changed place How can you get back?

By using a City Teleporter.

What is the Cordinates for a level 16 state city in Evony?


How can you tell what level your city is on evony?

it is the level of your town hall

What does Stratagem do to your city in evony?

Depends on which stratagem, it tell you in the description