How do you Catch a pinsir?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Pinsir can only be caught in Blue. To catch it, you need to go to the Safari Zone. Alternatively, you can buy one from the Celadon slot place, but it won't come cheap.

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Q: How do you Catch a pinsir?
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Can you catch a pinsir in Pokemon pearl?

you can catch pinsir its uncommon but on route 229 which u can only get to if you complete the Pokemon league

How do you catch Pinsir in Pokemon Ruby?

first go to the safari zone and then look for PINSIR in the grass.It will take along time and if you are lucky you can catch him.I was walking around in the safari zone and a PINSIR suddenly appeared.

Where do you catch a pinsir in Pokemon Yellow?

You can buy one from the game corner in Celadon for 6500 but i dont know where to catch one in the wild Pinsir can be caught in the safari zone.

Can you catch pinsir in Pokemon FireRed?

No only leafgreen can.

Pinsir in Pokemon FireRed?

you can get it at the safari zone it is a bug type Pokemon but i would not catch it, it is weak.

Where do you catch pinsir in Pokemon HeartGold?

Pokemon Catching Pinsir Pinsir is harder to catch than other pokemon. You need to go to the bug-catching contest after getting the national Pokedex. It will sometimes appear. Sorry for being brief. Hope I Helped! :D

Where can you catch pinsir in emerald?

In the deep sand in the desert. at route 111

In Pokemon firered can you catch Pinsir in the safari zone?

No. Pinsir is a LEAF GREEN exclusive. You need to trade with Leaf Green. You can catch it in the Safari Zone or you can buy one in the Game Corner in Celadon City.

What is the best Pokemon you can catch at the bug catching competion?

Schyter or Pinsir.

How do you get Pinsir in SoulSilver or HeartGold?

You can catch Pinsir at the Bug Catching Contest at National park on Tuesdays,Thursdays and Saturdays without needing the National Pokedex.

Where is pinsir in heartgold?

Pinsir is available in the Bug Catching Contest. Pinsir, Scyther or other strong bug Pokemon can easily found at night, trust me. Last time, i try to catch them at the morning, but I did not encounter with any strong bug Pokemon.

Where to catch pinsir in Pokemon emerald?

One Route 121 outside Lilycove City there's a building. It's the entrance to the Safari Zone. Once in the Safari Zone, you can catch Pinsir in the NorthWest section. You'll need the Mach Bike to get there.