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xddd that's funny

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Q: How do you 'fix language setup' failed for theme hospital?
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When did Theme Hospital happen?

Theme Hospital happened in 1997.

When was Theme Hospital created?

Theme Hospital was created on 1997-03-31.

Where can you download Theme Hospital?

hi i downloaded my theme hospital from but you need to have something like limewire to download it through

How many levels are there in the game Theme Hospital?


In theme hospital once a room is distoyed can you re-build it?


How can you rotate the screen on theme hospital PC game?

You cannot.

What is the goal of the computer game Theme Hospital?

The goal of the computer game Theme Hospital is to reach the goal of how many patients you look after, and level up through the game by reaching your goals.

What is the theme in the book Frindle?

I think the theme of this book is Friendship, Power and Language.

What is the theme for hospital week 2013?

A Guidling Ligh for Changing Times

What is the theme of 2011 hospital week?

Health and Healing ??Type your answer here...

Are there any games like pocket academy on the computer?

Theme Hospital

Is there theme hospital 2?

not yet, but be prepared for big come back :)