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Hi!! Do you want to know how to put clothes/items in your closet for coco girl last time i play coco girl i dont know how but now i know

these are the steps:

1st: go to your room on coco girl

2nd: open your chest on coco girl

3rd: look for the clothes you want to put on your closet on coco girl

4th: click the sign (hanger) on the top of your clothes there is two button there the hang (hanger) and the add to favs (heart)

5th: and last you choose where you will put it!!

I hope this answer will be helpful to you and also to others thank you!

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Q: How do put clothes is your closet for coco girl?
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How do you put close in your closet in the game coco girl on facebook?

On the clothes is a little coathanger sign that if you put your cursor over will say grab clothes or hang in closet. Click this and then drag the clothes to where you want them to go :D

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at the closets silly! where do you put clothes? (hint: CLOSET!)

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Go into porter closet and put her clothes on at least the hat

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