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The people will have to firstly find your t-shirts or shirts. After that, they will have to click on it and press the green 'Buy Now' button. Once they follow the prompt given, they will have bought your t-shirt or shirt.

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Q: How do people buy your t-shirts or shirts on Roblox?
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Is there a brand of t-shirts similar to affliction tshirts that are cheaper and where to buy them?

yes go to the getaway center

Where can you buy promotional tshirts?

There are many places to buy promotional T Shirts. Imagewear apparal is a good one and they sell many promotional items including T shirts and other items as well.

How do you send robux and tix on roblox?

You can buy items from BC members and they get 90% of the money you payed for it, also you can buy donation shirts, and donation t-shirts.

What does someone use tickets for on roblox?

To buy clothing, shirts, pants, t-shirts, and items. Also if your BC, TBC, or OBC you can sell your t-shirts, shirts, or pants for a price. Also if you wanan buy a place from someone and their BC you can buy the shirt for a price then they give you the place, anythign else you need contact Bigboy5668 on ROBLOX for more information. ~Your Friend Mike~

Where can you buy a twist and pulse t-shirt?

As stated on the twist and pulse group on facebook.Twist And Pulse Guys all the T Shirts that are out now or some people have are not the actual T&P tshirts! Fanks for all the support and OUR Tshirts will be coming very very soon :) Thanks XThat should help you

Are American tshirts bigger than UK tshirts?

I found that US T-shirts are much bigger than UK ones. I've bought t-shirts in both places, and usually, the ones that I bought in the UK are smaller than I'd get in the US, and I always buy the same size in either country.

How do you get loads of money on roblox?

People can buy your shirts and items if you any type of BC, people visiting your place, and buying ROBUX or getting any type of BC.

Where can one buy a large number of kids tees?

One can buy a large number of kids T shirts from the the following websites: Old Navy, Road Kill Tshirts, Skreened, Cafe Press, Amazon eBay, TK Maxx, Busted Tees, Kids Tshirts Rock, to name a few.

What things can you buy with tickits on roblox?

gear(not a lot though), pants, shirts, faces, hats and more!

Can you get robux without paying in roblox?

Yes, you can. You could sell things such as shirts, gamepasses and Paid Access and earn Robux if people buy them. You can also convert your tickets into Robux.

Were you can buy a vip shirt on roblox?

You buy the shirts on the catalogue under T-shirt.

What is the difference between blockland and roblox?

in block land you only have a selection of bricks every time you right click you can super jump and the only gear you get is a spay paint gun hammer and a letter launcher to fix stupid puzzles you can only play with other people if you have a code! in roblox you have a ton of gear you can buy shirts t-shirts and pants play games with people with just an account not with a code