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as far as i know you cant :(

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Q: How do pass level 3 in super chick sisters?
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How do you pass super Mario world 6 level 3?

how do you pass world 6 on level 6 on new super Mario bros

How do you pass level 4 - 7 in super scribblenaughts?

you play it and pass

How do you pass the simpsons ds big super happy fun fun level?

you can pass by being really good or trying your hardest at that hard level

What is the max level in super hero sqaud?

to get to the max level you have to pass level ten, so it`s pretty much level eleven.

How do you pass level 8 on super santa kicker?

you need to kik it over and into the chimney

How do you pass the last level in All Star Mode in Super Smash Flash?

use cloud

How do you pass level 4-9 on super Scribblenauts?

Quickly equip the left side cowboy with a bazooka.

How do you pass level 30 on hoshi saga 1?

type i will find a star at super sonic speed!:)

How do you pass level 30 on super jewel quest?

By using a lot of cheats - Level 30 Candy Crush

How do you past level one world six on Super Mario Brothers?

world six 1 how do you pass it and get on the ledges

How do you pass level 5-6 on super scribble nauts?

Put a SWIMMING YAK on the left and a FLYING YAK on the right.

How do you pass level 4-4 on Super Scribblenauts?

Type "Apple" then "Pizza" then "Candy" then "Sugar" then "Meat" finally do "Soda"