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The door can not be open unless you have a membership card...

Q: How do I get a membership card?

A: Simple, you can't, 'cuz it was(I believe) a limited time-only even t at wal-mart. BUT! You still can get it through cheating(cheap) or, you can get someone who actually got a arceus(awesome)/shaymin/darkrai event item. Why? Because you can do a mystery gift trade. Mystery gift? Check it somewhere else.

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Q: How do open the door in canalave city that says the door is tightly shut it appears impossible to open on Pokemon pearl?
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How do open the door in canalave city that says the door is tightly shut it appears impossible to open on Pokemon diamond if you own the members card and have talked to the boy in his bed thrashing?

You need to go to what ever island in north of Iron Island and Creselia will drop the feather thingy and when you take that back to his house, he'll wake up.

On Pokemon pearl I've received the members card for canalave city but when i go up to the door of the hotel it says the door is tightly shut It appears impossible to open How do I open the door?

i think that to open it you have to talk to the boy who is in bed in the house near the boat that takes you to iron island. cos in the hotel is darkrai sorta. also its an event so that might have something to do with it.

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