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Newer versions take advantage on advances in technology (faster processors, better graphics cards, better screens etc). Think of it like giving a house a new coat of paint - the house is still the same - but the new paint makes it look more modern.

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Q: How do newer video games differ form older video games?
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How do newer video games differ form older video games in terms of pixels?

it is newer than a old video game

In pixels how does newer video games differ from older video games answer?

Because of the advances in computer technology -modern games display have much higher pixel resolution than the older ones.

How are newer video games differ from older video games?

Newer Video Games have more detailed and more realistic graphics than the early video games (e.g. many early video games used very simple line/dot graphics, the latest video games have near movie quality graphics and some even use 3D goggles to add depth to the experience). This has been due mostly to dramatic advances in the capabilities of graphics generation/processing hardware.

How much can a big video game collection be worth?

Depends what games you have. Games from older collections may not be worth as much from newer collections.

Does an iPhone have a video?

The newer ones do but the older ones don't but you can buy a video application for the older ones.

Do the computer have a problem if you cant play some games with high graphics?

The computer likely needs an updated video card. Older cards can't play newer games.

On what platforms is the video game neighbors From Hell available?

It is available for several platforms including Windows, Xbox and GameCube. Older games may not play properly on newer gaming consoles. Check compatibility before purchasing older games.

Can people with Littlebigplanet play against people with Littlebigplanet 2?

No video game seldom exist that can allow people with newer games to play against the older games and of course the old games would not even have the information of the new game

Were do you get a pixel shader and how much?

Pixel Shaders are on video cards. If you have an old video card that doesn't have pixel shaders, then you have to buy a new video card. If you want something that can play newer games, then something like the nvidia 8 series or the ati hd series would be good. If the games are kinda old then you can settle for the older series of cards.

How are old video games different from new video games?

ok , well its simpletheregamesyou play them on a console e.g old console : Nintendo 69 newer console : Nintendo wiiyou mostly play as a character e.g Mario (Mario games) , altair / ezio (assasin creed games)a lot of games have sequels or trilogies ( 2 games in a sequence , 3 games in a sequence or more )there all set in genres e.g action , adventure , rpgthey're fun

The negative effect of the video games?

Headaches and trauma when you get older

How many people play video games?

Probably over 10 mil. But usually older people or adults don't play Video Games.