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u have to do the gym badge in goldenrod city and then after that u have to go into the flower shop and talk to the lady and she will give u water then u sprinkle it on the tree

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Q: How do i kill the moving tree in Goldenrod city Pokemon gold?
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How do you unlock the door in goldenrod city in Pokemon gold?

use the basement key in goldenrod city. the key is in goldenrod.

Where do you get the bicycle in Pokemon Gold version?

Goldenrod City

How do you get a dragon Pokemon on Pokemon Gold?

you can get dratini in game corner in goldenrod city.

How do you get to goldenrob in Pokemon LeafGreen?

goldenrod city is in the pokemon gold, silver games

How do you get hair cuts for your Pokemon In pokemon gold?

The underground in Goldenrod City has a barber.

How can you get through the switch at goldenrod city Pokemon gold?

click it #

Pokemon Gold where is day care?

its south of goldenrod city.

Where is Whitney in Pokemon Gold?

The radio tower in Goldenrod City.

How do you get into radio tower in Pokemon Gold?

go to goldenrod city.

Where is the Pokemon darecare in heart of gold?

The Pokemon Daycare is on the route South of Goldenrod City.

How do you get TM02 in Pokemon Gold?

You can buy it in Goldenrod City on the 5ft floor

Where is the 3rd badge in Pokemon Gold?

The third badge is in Goldenrod City.