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you need to do this

1. install IrfanView (Google it)

2. open up IrfanView image decrease color depth

5.go to pallet and click edit pallet

6.look for your background color, and click add to custom colors

7.stay on your background color changer and change it to black

8.close your background color

9.if you've got a picture with black on close the edit pallet box and save your done! If you haven't got black on it continue on black in the edit pallet box and change that to your old backround color, the color's not as good as it is if you've got black on your picture, but then you save and your done!

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Q: How do i index an image in Pokemon unLZ?
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How do you index an image to use for unLZ-gba?

You have to download infraview, open the image, go to image>decrease color depth, change to 16

Where can you get unlz-gba?

Try, if not look on a search engine.

How do you put your images in Google image search?

Google fills its index for image search by crawling the web. Upload your images to a web-site, wait for Google to re-index the site, and your images should show up in image search within a couple weeks.

Does somebody know's where I can find a kind of pokepic for Pokemon FireRed Cause pokepic don't works on FireRed?

Nope. But i have the same problem and i found another way to make new Pokemon and put them into the game! First you must have UNLZ after that go to numbers 680-1444. There should be pics of Pokemon. Select one and save it as MYPICTURE. Then go to paint and open up the picture. Replace that Pokemon with the one that you made. Then save once you are all done. Make sure it is at 64 by 64 before saving. After that select import on unlz and you should see the Pokemon you made if not then you may be suffering from E.S(Extreme stupidity) Next you need to click write to ROM and then it will change the Pokemon in the game to the Pokemon that you made. CONGRATRULATIONS! NOTE: This wont always work sometimes it will say that the pic is too big aborting. Hope i helped! :)

How do you put alternative sprites hack in emerald?

i personally use a program called unLZ-gba. google it for a tutorial

What does TIFF stands for?

Tagged Image File Format

How many images does Google's image index contain?

As many images there are on the web obviously.

What does Portion 1 ounce of bread look like?

An index card

What is a good downloadable tool that I can use to easily replace the old pokemon pictures with new pokemon pictures in a rom.?

I have a Pokemon Emerald rom and I want to change the sprites to my own sprites. What is a good downloadable tool that I can use to easily replace the old pokemon pictures with new pokemon pictures. I don't want an overworld editor, one to edit the Pokemon pictures. Not pokepic because emerald doesn't work on that and not Unlz-GBA because that makes the colours wrong so your sprite ends up a different colour.

Where to get photos of Pokemon in diamond?

google image search

Which mode is specific for bitmapped and index color images?

You can change color Mode from Image > Mode > choose from list.

What does the Pokemon Rotom look like on Pokemon diamond?

image found here: