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first go tomauville city and go to the the place on the left hand side and go get a acro bike then go to the safari zone and jump by pushing b and up and there you go

who ever rote this qustion most lickly has no brain if they do not know what to do at this part!!!!!

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Q: How do i get past the white bars in the safari zone in ruby?
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How do you get safari balls in Pokemon Ruby?

To get safari balls in Pokemon ruby you have to go to the safari zone and go up to the man and he will give you 30 safari balls

In Pokemon ruby where do you find rhyhorn?

You can get it in the Safari Zone. You have to go past the mud slide to the far left to get into the correct area.

What route is the safari zone at in Pokemon Ruby?

The safari in Pokemon ruby is located at the right of the route 121, near Lilycove city.

Where in safari zone do you get a phanpy in ruby?

roam in the safari zone. there is no exact place where you find a phanpy in safari zone

Where do you get Phanphy in Pokemon ruby?

safari zone

What do you have to do to get pikichu in the safari zone in ruby?


How do you get a natu in pokemon ruby?

Safari Zone

Where do you get xatu?

in ruby, saphire, and emerald, you get it from the safari (or evolve ith from natu which is also in the safari).

How do you get wobuffett in Pokemon?

ruby, common in safari zone sapphire, common in safari zone emerald, common in safari zone

Is the Friend Safari in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

no sadly, there is a safari zone though

Were you find dudrio in Pokemon Ruby?

safari zone.

Is there more then one safari zone in Pokemon ruby?