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You can find these in most of the pubs located in RuneScape, or for sale at the Grand Exchange.

One is located in Falador, right next to the TelePort Station.

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Q: How do i get a wizard's mind bomb on RuneScape?
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In Runescape what happens if you drink Wizard's Mind Bomb?

When you drink wizards mind bomb (on runescape) it increases your magic level say if you have 98 it will increase to 101. ps:add me on runescape my name is:frozen sock

Where can you get a wizard mind bomb in RuneScape?

Buy it in Falador in the Alchohol Shop.

How do you get wizard mind bomb on runescape?

You can buy one from the bar in Falador or the bar in Burthrope

What do wizards mind bombs do on runescape?

Wizard Mind Bombs I believe is used in the quest "DragonSlayer". Correct me if I'm wrong. It boosts your Magic level for a short period of time.

Is the wizards guild on runescape for members?


How do you get a mind amulet on RuneScape?

on RuneScape there are no Mind amutlets

When was Mind Wizards of Callisto created?

Mind Wizards of Callisto was created in 1975.

Where are the dark wizards on RuneScape?

They're south of Varrok.

How many pages does Mind Wizards of Callisto have?

Mind Wizards of Callisto has 189 pages.

Where do you get a drink used by a mage in runescape?

the bar at falador You can also try the Grand Exchange. The "drink used by a mage" is a Wizard's Mind Bomb.

Where is magic mage on RuneScape?

There is no "magic mage" on RuneScape. There are various ways to train magic, and there are various mages, or wizards.

What is the ISBN of Mind Wizards of Callisto?

The ISBN of Mind Wizards of Callisto is 0-440-05600-4.