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By downloading it from

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Q: How do i download minecraft without messing up my PC?
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Can you get Minecraft on PC?

Yes, go the Minecraft website (if you have full/ bought Minecraft) and sign in. Then click on download and head to the PC download.

Is there any games like Minecraft on PC without download?

Minecraft classic is free and does not require download. Only the full version of Minecraft requires a download. Games similar to Minecraft are: - Ace Of Spades - FortressCraft - Manic Digger - Cubelands - Terraria - Blockland - Roblox

Can you download Minecraft on to an I pad?

Not the PC version, but you can download Minecraft: Pocket Edition on iOS and Android.

What websites let you play minecraft for free no download?

None. Don't click on ads or links or websites that say they will give you free MineCraft. They will download viruses into your pc without you knowing.

Do you download minecraft on the PC or buy the disc?

There is no disc, you get it online.

Did you have to pay minecraft PC?

yes, unless you download it illegally

Can you help me download the REAL & FREE Minecraft on PC?


Can you get Minecraft PC on Google Nexus?

Go to PC mine craft and download it and you have got it

How do you get Minecraft free on the PC?

Download it at the official minecraft website. The link can be found in related links.

How can you download minecraft PC game?

You have to pay for it off: and then it will tell you from there.

Do you have to download Minecraft classic?

No you do not need to download minecraft classic, its browser based. The full version however does involve files being stored on your PC.

How do you play Minecraft on a laptop?

Same as you would on a PC. Download Minecraft from Then run the game with a paid account.