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you go up the ladder twice and turn right there's a hole in the wall that you can walk outside and around and then up to her. i had hard time finding too don't feel stupid :D

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Q: How do get to the gym leader in the light house?
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You are at gym 8 on Pokemon diamond but the leader is gone where is he?

In the light house! In the light house!

You cant get into the eighth gym?

To get in the 8th gym you have to go find the gym leader in the light house.

How do you get gym leader out of light house in heart hold?

you can get out the gym leader on the lighthouse is bring her a secretpotion that you can get to the cianwood pharmacy

After you talk to the guy in the light house what do you do for Pokemon diamond?

the gym leader is now at gym

Where is gym leader in olivine city?

she is in the light house in olivine city.

Where is the medicine for the gym leader in the light house?

The medicine is in Cyanwood city.

How do you make the sunnyshore gym leader appear?

you got to the top of the sunnyshore light house and talk to the blond guy he is the gym leader then you can face him.

How do you get the 6th gym leader out of the light house?

You have to get some medicine for the Pokemon she is looking after :)

How do you get to the sixth gym in soul silver?

Your suppose to defeat the gym leader in cianwood city then u go to the light house and get to the top and talk to the gym leader Then she'll meet u at her gym

Why isn't the gym leader there at sunnyshore?

you have to go to the light house to the southeast of town. ~Jayfeather

What do you have to do to go inside the eighth gym in diamond?

go to the light house in sunny shore the gym leader is there. Then go to the gym once youve talked to him.

How do you get to the gym leader in the light house?

in pkmn diamond u get to the lighthouse and enter door to lift talk 2 him and he will go to his gym