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Pokemon event only

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Q: How do get the Aurora pass using a cheat on leafgreen GBA?
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Where do you get the aurora pass on leafgreen?

up my asss

Can mew get in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yes, but you must have the Aurora pass to get to it on the 9th island. Aurora pass can only be obtained from a live event.

How do you get the Aurora pass in Pokemon LeafGreen and firered?

to get the aurora pass i think you need to get it through a mystery gift, or if you use an action replay then you can get it from that by cheating.. hope that helps!!!

Where can you get the Aurora pass?

The only way is using a gameshark or action replay

Where to get Aurora pass?

The Old Sea Chart, Mystic Ticket, and Aurora Pass all can be obtained as mystery gifts. These mystery gifts are over so it may be impossible to get one now. The Old Sea chart leads you to mew, the mystic ticket to Ho oh and Lugia, and the Aurora Pass is to Deoxys.

Where do you get all the tickets of all the islands in Pokemon FireRed?

The tri pass is given by bill, the rainbow pass is given by celio, the mystic ticket and aurora ticket are both unavailable unless you cheat.

How do you pass the gameguards of flyff when using cheat engine?

Its impossible with cheat engine try flyff resource manager.

In Pokemon LeafGreen how do you get to 8island?

You'll need an Aurora Pass. Go to the Poke Mart and there will be a clipboard. Put "Link together with all" on the clipboard and talk to the guy in Green at the Pokemon center.

How do you get a members pass in diamond?

you can only get it in an event or using a cheat on the action replay event mod

How do you get to johto region in Pokemon LeafGreen rom?

you have to get pass or rainbow pass

What is the mission pass cheat?

there is not a cheat for it

Where are the jems in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Ruby is in MT.Ember after beating the ellite four and give it to Celio and he will give u the rainbow pass. Using the rainbow pass go to the six island and u will find it!