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You don't, it's Diamond/Pearl/Platinum only.

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Q: How do get Glaceon in Pokemon FireRed?
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How do you catch eevee to become Glaceon in Pokemon FireRed?

Glaceon doesn't exist in firered.

is Glaceon a legendary pokemon?

Yes, Glaceon is a legendary Pokemon card.

Is Glaceon a legendary Pokemon card?

Yes, Glaceon is a legendary Pokemon card.

What is pokemon 170 in your platinum pokedex?

Glaceon the pokemon is glaceon an eevee transformation

What Pokemon trainer has a Glaceon in Pokemon Pearl?

get your own.

What is Pokemon number 170 in Pokemon platinum?


In Pokemon Platinum what Pokemon is number 170?


What type is the Pokemon Glaceon?


How can you see a Glaceon in Pokemon HeartGold?


What type of Pokemon is Glaceon?


How do you get Glaceon in Pokemon Sapphire?

Glaceon is a 4th generation Pokémon, you can't get it on Pokémon Sapphire.

What is the Game shark code to get a Glaceon on Pokemon Emerald?

No, Leafeon an Glaceon DO NOT EXIST on GBA Pokemon games. No amount of cheating with AR/GS will get you these Pokemon on GBA.