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Enderman kill you ONLY if you attack them. There might be another way too.

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Is also attacks you if you look it in the eye

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it attacks when u look in the eye i guess bc it killed my like tht

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Q: How do enderman kill you on minecraft?
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Who is enderman fanmade from Minecraft?

The fanmade enderman is a version of the enderman MOB in Minecraft 1.8. The fanmade version of the enderman was popular because it was released before Minecraft 1.8 came out. Since the release of Minecraft 1.8, the fanmade enderman is obsolete.

Are there enderman in minecraft pocket edition 0.8.1?

No, they are no enderman in Pocket Edition of Minecraft 0.8.1

Is the enderman from minecraft based on slenderman?

Enderman is modeled after Slenderman; Notch wanted a creepy looking fellow.

Do enderman kill you on minecraft if you log off and log back on?

In Minecraft, Endermen are mostly neutral, on both creative and survival mode. But if you try to attack them, they will fight back.

How do you get a enderman as a pet in minecraft?

You would have to install the "More Enderman Stuff" mod. Other than that you can't.

Is the enderman a mutated Steve in minecraft?

No. a Enderman is based on a slenderman. Notch wanted to make the Enderman look a bit more frightening than a mutated Steve

How do you keep Enderman from teleporting Minecraft?

it's impossible to do so.

Is enderman real?

Endermen only exist in Minecraft. They are not real.

How do you tame a enderman in Minecraft?

You cannot tame an Enderman in Minecraft. If you don't look at them, they will not attack you though. If you wear a Pumpkin on your head, they will not attack you, regardless if you look at them. But be warned, if you hit them, they will attack you.

Will there be enderman in minecraft pocket edition?

Yes, but probably not for a while yet.

How much experience do you get from killing Endermen in Minecraft?

You get 5 experience from killing Enderman.

Do enderman kill you in minecraft creative mode?

No, mobs are not hostile in Creative mode unless provoked. Endermen will not attack if you look at them, but will attack if you hit them. However apart from digging through bedrock and falling into the abyss, the player is invulnerable in creative mode so a hostile Enderman can't do anything to you.