How do I get robux?

Updated: 2/4/2024
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You need to buy it from the official website.

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by it on Roblox

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Buy it.

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Q: How do I get robux?
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can i have robux please?

yes if you join my nation in robux.

Hello I Am trying to raise robux fundraiser in my game for people who have no robux will you help me achive the goal of 10k robux?

sure if i have some robux lol

Can I get some robux?

...I bought robux then robux disabled me from chatting after having robux for 5 months :(

with one has a better deal 400 robux or 800 robux?

depends on what you want

Give me your robux code and I will give you 1000 robux for free?

sorry, I ment to say how do you get robux for free

How much Robux does Roblox have?

About 50 Trillion.

How do you get robux with out builders club and no trading?

The only other way would to get robux would be to buy it.

How do you give robux to people?

Through a group, you can give robux

What user on ROBLOX can get you free Robux?

Nobody. You have to buy robux.

How get jaydengamingboy16 free robux?

There is no way.

How to get 1000000000 robux for free?

How do you get 100000000 robux for free