How do I get Pokemon Emerald on PC?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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First, you must download a good game emulator. emulators allow you to play game boy games on your pc, and you must open it to play any of them. the emulator I use is called VisualBoy Advance 1.0 and can be found here: Next you need to find the game, and games that are run on emulators are called ROM's.

You can Download the same one I have for Pokemon emerald here: Hope this helps!

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Q: How do I get Pokemon Emerald on PC?
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Where can you download poemon emerald to PC?

on brothersoft you can download vba for Pokemon emerald and Pokemon emerald ROM

Do gameshark code work on Pokemon Emerald on PC?

Yes, GameShark codes work in Pokemon Emerald for the PC. My codes work when I try them.

How do you get rare Pokemon in PC on emerald?

catch them :P

Pokemon emerald in PC how can continue after beating elite4?

keep catching pokemon

Can you play Pokemon emerald battle with others on PC?


How and where can you download Pokemon emerald for PC without getting a virus?


How do you mirgate Pokemon?

After you beat the Elite 4 go to Pal Park and save. Insert a Pokemon Emerald game and on the menu it says "Migrate from Emerald" go there. It shows all the PC Pokemon from Emerald. Choose 6 Pokemon and try to catch them!

How do you get more master balls in emerald?

you clone your Pokemon at the battle tower by going to the PC and ....

Where do you get the HM03 for Pokemon emerald?

after beating your father, talk to the man in the house next to the PC

How do you release the Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?

First the Pokemon you want to release will have to be situated inside your Pc. Then choose it and pick ''Relase'' from the menu that appears.

Pokemon Emerald masterball cheat?

if u use any masterball cheat u get bad egg in Pokemon PC

Can you get Pokemon Emerald on ds?

No... But you can get it on PC, by using a GBA Emulator (eg. Visual Boy Advance).