How do I become good at computer games?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you keep practing you get better and better

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Q: How do I become good at computer games?
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Are computer games more good than bad?

flash computer games that are found on the web are usally good so are the computer games that are on disks like halo and all the star wars/trek games.

Is playing computer games bad or good?


Is your computer a good gaming computer?

Not really. Although I do have some MMOrpg games on it.

What is become a member?

In most computer games, to become a member means to pay to get all the features of the game.

Good games to play on computer?

There are tons of games on the computer I don't know why you're asking!! If you mean games that you have to download, I suggest Pokemon or the Sims, but if you want games that are already on the computer, try the 'Impossible Quiz'

Can people learn how to become a hacker?

It may not be a good idea to become a hacker. It might be better to become a computer programmer. I have heard that computer programmers can hack into things.

What good games are there for the computer?

If you're looking to buy games that are good for the computer, I would recommend the Sims (1, 2, or 3 - they're all good), Spore, Fable, or Plants vs. Zombies. is a good site for playing free online games.

What are some good computer games for the mac?

world of warcraft

Can computer games replace outdoor game?

Well no they cant,cuz the outdoor games r good 4 ur health and computer games r good 4 having fun!outdoor games cannot B replaced but as we C in the world of 2day,it is cuz kids every where like computer games better!

What can happen if you are constantly playing computer games?

your eyes become very irritant and puffy

Are computer games good for students?

yes, it is good for a students brain and will have more improvement

Where you can find good games?

Not in computer games, lord of the rings or counter strike. GO out with friends