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I don't think that ever happened... Maybe in fan fiction or added content from Akira Toriyama, but it's just not possible he was not strong enough to survive Frieza's Supernova. Besides they show Bardock get torn to pieces by the attack before it goes through like 5000 other people and then Planet Vegeta.

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Q: How did bardock survive the blast from Frieza and then turned up onto another planet?
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Who is gokus dad?

His dad is Bardock, he lunged himself in front of Friezas blow when Frieza attacked planet Vegeta.

Did Bardock live after facing Frieza?

No; he was shown to have died from the supernova that destroyed planet Vegeta.

How bardock die and by who?

Frieza was the one who killed him with a death ball that took planet vegeta along with it.

Who turns super saiyan first?

If U have watched one of Bardock's other specials, you would know that bardock went back in time, met frieza's ancestor, Frieza's ancestor killed all of his new friends on the planet back in time before Planet Vegeta, then Bardock went mad and went super saiyan

Does Bardock love Goku as a son?

Yes, this is shown where Frieza was about to destroy the saiyan planet called "Vegeta". As Bardock was dying, he says "My Son" and he looked devastated.

Has bardock became a super saiyan?

he was about 2, when he was fighting with frieza Actually DBZ did a episode in japan recently called the Episode of Bardock where you see what has happened to Bardock after Freiza destroyed the planet and he does go super saiyan.

What happen to Bardock?

if you saw the episode when frieza comes to earth he tell a story king vegeta gave his son tofrieza and then king vegeta gets his worrior and fight with the storie of bardock at the same time vegeta fights with frieza in his space ship and bardock fight with other supersiayn when frueza get done with king vegeta he comes out of his space ship and does a deadbomb and kill bardock but he can see that goku will fight badguy goku

In Dragon Ball Z what planet is frieza from?

Frieza's home planet is Planet Frieza

Why is frieza scared of SSJ?

Frieza is scared of super saiyans because Lord Chilled attack Planet Plant when bardock had gone back in time. Bardock was there and his temper reached it's peak when lord chilled seriously injured berry. That is when bardock went super sayian. However, Lord Chilled did not know his strength changed so fired a blast it did not affect bardock Bardock hit lord chilled with a blast of his own lord chilled wanted to informe his family about it so he went home and told everyone the legend of the super sayain.

What planet is frieza from?

Frieza is from the planet called Planet Frieza No. 17.

Who is the original super saiyan?

That would be Bardock. When planet Vegeta was destroyed somehow Bardock was sent back in time to Planet plant where he met chilled. Bardock went super saiyan at that time and defeated Chilled. Chilled shared his knowledge of his super saiyan experience with his decendants. Frieza knew about it thats why he blew up Vegeta. And that's how the whole super saiyan legend was started!

Who was the first to tuen super saiyan?

Spoilers if you haven't seen - D.B.Z Episode Of BardockIt was Bardock Goku's father believe it or not in a ova Episode it shows what happens after Frieza destroys planet vegeta. bardock ends up sent to the past and he ends up fighting 1 of frieza's ancestors and during the fight he is turned into a super saiyan so yea.