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worked as a door-to-door bill collector in Newark, New Jersey, before beginning his financial services career in 1963.

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Q: How did Charles M. Cawley start his career?
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When was Charles M. Cawley born?

Charles M. Cawley was born in 1941.

Where was Charles M. Cawley born?

Charles M. Cawley was born in the United States.

What additional titles was Charles M. Cawley given in 2002?

October 2002, Cawley was given the additional title of CEO of MBNA Corporation, retaining his title as president and his position as chairman and CEO of MBNA America Bank,

When was Charles M. Start born?

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When did Charles M. Start die?

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When did Charles M. Cawley introduce a Platinum credit card?

another factor in the company's success was Cawley's decision to issue a new Platinum card in the spring of 1995. Over the next two years, the card attracted 4.4 million new cardholders.

What boards did Charles M. Cawley serve on?

served on the Board of Regents of Georgetown University and the American Architectural Foundation and on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of MasterCard International.

When did Charles M. Cawley help establish MBNA?

Over the next decade following the establishment of MBNA, Cawley developed MBNA into a major marketer of affinity credit cards.

What type of a leader was Charles M. Cawley?

shrewd and conservative in his business dealings, he was also somewhat capricious, especially in rewarding himself and other top executives with lavish salaries and perks.

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