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Q: How come your toy closet didn't load with your dogz 5 game?
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Where can you buy the dogz 5 game?


Is there an app like dogz the game?


How do you put the downloaded breed on dogz 5 in the game?

when you have downloaded the breed, i will be in a file/folder. go to resources/dogz and copy the downloaded breed in the dogz folder. voila! if my answer helped you, please answer the question (its unanswered) where do you get the nightlight in dogz 5?

Will the PC Game Dogz 5 work with Vista?


How do you get orchastra bug on dogz ps2 game?

you smell at whisker woods

What is dogz 5?

Dogz 5 is a game where you adopt dogs, care for them and you can breed them when they're already adults. You can play minigames get stuff for your pets/petz and if you buy Catz 5 (which is sort of the same as Dogz 5 except they're cats), your dogz and your catz can play together in playscenes. Hope this helps...

How long does it take for dogz to grow up on Dogz 5 PC game?

It takes a week for a dog in Dogz 5 to grow up. I had a dalmation I got on the 16th and now (24rd) he is grow up. Hope it help x

What are some cheat codes for Petz Dogz Pack?

=Some cheat codes for this game "Petz Dogz Pack" are:=1.aptcay2.petpet3.thirst4.havfun5.hawaii6.dgsrck

Where can one buy the Nintendo game Dogz?

One can buy the Nintendo game "Dogz" on Amazon, Craigslist, or eBay. It may also be available either in new or used format at places like Walmart, Best Buy, or Target.

What is a catz and a dogz?

its a game you can take care of cats and dogs you can download it off the internet

How do you feed your fish on dogz 5?

you win fish food in the game with the snake and the beatles

How do you reset Nintendo dogz game?

You will have to reset your DS or what ever Nintendo system your using.