How can zigzagoon learn surf?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You teach it surf by using the Hidden Machine.

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Q: How can zigzagoon learn surf?
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Can Zigzagoon learn Surf?

Yes, Zigzagoon is able to learn Surf.

What level does zigzagoon learn surf?

In the game Pokemon Zigzagoon does not learn surf as it levels up. The only way this Pokemon can learn this move is with HM03.

Where do you get a Pokemon that can know surf in Pokemon sapphire version?

you could go to route 103 i think get a lotad and teach it surf, a zigzagoon also can learn it

Can grass types learn water type moves Like surf?

not all grass type Pokemon can learn surf so i just caught a zigzagoon evolved it (at level 16) into a linoone and you can teach linoone surf so there you have it i hope this helped

What is a good water type Pokemon to teach surf to in emerald?

Linoone (It can learn nearly all of the HM's)

Can zigzagoon learn flash Pokemon ruby?

Zigzagoon cannot learn flash in ruby

When does zigzagoon learn dig?

In Pokemon ruby, sapphire, and emerald, Zigzagoon cannot learn the move dig.

What if Zigzagoon did not learn dig on Pokemon Ruby?

Zigzagoon wouldn't be able to learn Dig by leveling up. You will need to give it the TM Dig to teach Zigzagoon.

What are some good Pokemon to catch at the begging of Pokemon emerald?

Well, I caught a ZIGZAGOON because it cal learn CUT, ROCK SMASH, STRENGH and SURF.

Where to go After you get the fifth badge on Pokemon emerald?

You need to have surf, but since you beat the 5th Gym it shouldn't be a problem. You surf to the right of Mauville City, or route 118. If you don't have a water pokemon I suggest Zigzagoon, it can learn surf, rock smash, and cut.

Can zigzagoon learn flash?


What Pokemon uses surf attack?

All water Pokemon Zigzagoon ,Latios