How can you watch tv on the Wii?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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if u get internet channel u could go on YouTube but otherwise there isn't a way 2 watch tv on wiiplus if u have a tv wouldn't u hav cable satelite ect so why would u need 2 watch tv on wii

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Q: How can you watch tv on the Wii?
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Can you buy a Wii at kmart?

YES if yo watch tv it has a wii in it

Can you play movies on Nintendo Wii?

HomeBrew and Netflix are available on the Wii to stream movies to your TV and watch them on your Wii instantly.

Does Netflix give you a DVD for the Wii so you could watch it on your tv?

First off the Nintendo Wii cannot play DVDs, so no netflix does not give you a dvd for wii so you can watch on the tv. Nintendo said that that was to expensive to add a feature so you can watch movies on wii.

Play TV on wii?

The Wii U can not play television shows unless they are internet streamed. The Wii does not offer the option to watch TV unless someone does so through it's internet.

What website will allow you to watch TV and Movies on Wii?

There are several websites that will allow you to use your WII to watch movies or TV as long as you have the right connection and pay for the service. Netflix is the most popular site.

D more people like to play the Wii or watch tv?

Watch television more people do this because it is cheeper and better

Where can you watch movies and shows?

TV, Netflix, Red Box, Roku, Netflix on Wii, buying movies from stores, etc.

How do you watch tv episodes on Wii?

You should download BBC iplayer on the wii so if you want to watch your favourite programs live you can but if you missed a program that happened a day after you can watch it again, plus you can also watch it in HD if you do not have a HD TV. You can only watch programmes from - BBC one; BBC two; BBC three; BBC four; BBC Alba; BBC hd; cbeebies; cbbc and BBC news. And you can even listen to bbc radio.

Things to do at home?

you can read a book, watch TV play wii or x box, or play a one player board game.

When you are playing a movie on Netflix on your laptop can somebody else watch a movie on the tv at the same time?

yes we watch netflix on the laptop ipod xbox wii on the same account at the same time

How do you get keys on Kirby TV Channel for WII?

Watch all videos. Youll get a key randomly and on new series you have a 20% More chance

Can Wii work on a goodmans TV?

the wii can work on any tv