How can you walk with your Pokemon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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easy just go to amity square but only certain Pokemon are aloud in such as pachirisu/pickachu/drifloon or buneary i think there could be more though.


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Q: How can you walk with your Pokemon?
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How Will your Pokemon walk with you in Pokemon Platinum version?

Some Pokemon are able to walk in amiti square, but in platinum even starters and there evolved forms can walk with you.

Can you walk around in Pokemon conquest?

Kind-of , you have to be in a battle but you can ONLY walk as a pokemon , not your warlord

How do you walk with a different Pokemon in soul silver?

You walk with what ever Pokemon is in the first slot.

How do you make your Pokemon walk with you in Pokemon ranger 2?

you walk in to them then draw loops around them until they are captured then they walk behind you.

How do you walk your Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

you cant

How do you walk your Pokemon soulsilver or heartgold with the pokewalker?

put your Pokemon you want to walk with you first in your party.

How do you make evee eggs hatch faster?

Walk with energetic Pokemon Walk with energetic Pokemon

Can Pokemon walk with you Pokemon White 2?

No, Pokémon cannot walk with you in Pokémon White 2.

What Pokemon can you walk in Pokemon Diamond DS?

If you get to hearthome then go to the top left of the whole city and if you walk past the counter she will tell what Pokemon you can walk. I know you can definantly walk pikachu and cleifairy and buneary. Hope this helps.

How do you find Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

You would walk around in tall grass. You can walk in tall grass , walk in caves and surf on water.

Can you walk with Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

You can walk with your Pokemon in Amity Square which is located in Hearthome City. However, you need a Pokemon that is "cute". Ask the ladies at the front to find about the "cute" Pokemon.

How do you get a Pokemon to walk by your side in Pokemon Diamond?

you can only have a Pokemon walk by your side in amity square, and that is only certain Pokemon, other than that, you can't. I do not believe there is an action replay code for this I Think That It is Quite Cruel The Way That You Can Only Have "Cute" Pokemon Walk Next To You. Oh By The Way What Is An Action Replay Code? In Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver version you walk besie your Pokemon that is first in your party. In Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum you can only walk by your Pokemon in the amity square in hearthome city.