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U can if you find the GameShark code but i havent found one yet

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Q: How can you walk through walls on Pokemon firered on GBA?
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How do you get in the safari zone in Pokemon firered while you still have your same Pokemon and poke balls?

using a walk through walls cheat

What is the walk through walls code for Pokemon Red?

The walk through walls Gameshark code for Pokemon Red is 010138CD

What is a real walk through walls cheat for firered?

To walk through walls, you must obtain a very long code, and imput that into a GameShark (or other hacking device). You cannot walk through walls without a hacking device.

Walk through walls code for Pokemon gold?

Walk Through Walls0108A3CE0108A4CE0108A5CE0108A6CE

Walk through walls Pokemon gold?

Walk Through Walls0108A3CE 0108A4CE0108A5CE0108A6CE

What is the walk through walls code for Pokemon Yellow?

The Walk through walls code for Gameshark is "010138CD". If you don't have a Gameshark but still wants to walk through walls, check the related link.

What is the walk through walls code in Pokemon rijon adventures?

Erm, even though this has been a while, or not. Just use FireRed codes for it since it is a FireRed rom that's jsut been hacked. Trust me, I used firered codes on it and it worked.

What is the walk through walls code for Pokemon aqua?

there is no code for Pokemon aqua

On Pokemon how do you walk through walls?

Action Replay

How do you get past the gates in cinnabar mansion Pokemon FireRed?

you walk through them XD

What cheats in Pokemon light platinum is walkthrough walls?

Walk Through Walls CE2CCCB25D8D815D

What is the m code for walk through walls on FireRed action replay?

509197d3 542975f4 78da95df 44018cb4