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You have to find your friend, you trade your Haunter with another Pokemon and when the trade is done Haunter will evolve.

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Q: How can you use trade to evolve hunter to Gengar?
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How can you use link trade to evolve hunter to Gengar?

Just trade it you don't need an item!

Where do you find Gengar in platinum?

you find gengar in the creepy house in enterna forsest or just trade or use a ar or evolve it hope this helps :)

Can you use a dawn stone on a hunter?

No, to evolve it you have to trade it without it holding an everstone.

If you migrate a Haunter to Pokemon Platinum will it evolve into Gengar?

No it won't Haunter only evolves when you trade across to a similar game, you have to trade it to Leaf green for it to evolve. It will migrate to Pokemon platinum and will stay as a haunter. To evolve it to a Genger on platinum, you must trade it to another platinum, diamond or pearl

What level does Haunter evolve into Gengar?

Haunter does not evolve by level into Gengar. You must trade it if you want it to evolve. If you don't have a second DS, or a friend to trade with, you can use this trick. 1. Must have Wi-Fi connection. 2. Go to the Global Trade Station (GTS), deposit your Haunter, and ask for a level 100 Abra girl so that it won't be traded. 3. Trade once for a Bidoof, Geodude, or whatever. 4. Take out your Haunter, and it will evolve.

How do you get gengar in Pokemon black?

In the Diamond version of the Pokemon games for Nintendo Gameboy, wild Gengar can be found in the Old Chateau in Eterna Forest in the Sinnoh region. The Gengar in this region are usually level 16 or lower in the Diamond and Pearl versions of the game.

Where do you find Gengar on Pokemon platinum?

if you want the pokedex entry go to victory road go passed the first biridge and then use rock climb at the left there will be a trainer with gengar. if you want your own gengar trade a haunter

What stone do use to evolve a machoke?

you dont use a stone, you trade it to evolve it into a machamp

Do you trade a poliwirl to evolve it?

in order to trade poliwirl you must evolve it while it is holding a kings rock & then you will have a poltoad . . . or you can use a water stone & it will evolve into a polywrath

Can you use water stone to make seadra evolve?

No, to make Seadra evolve, you need a King's rock. Make Seadra hold it and trade it with someone. Then it will evolve and you can trade it back.

How do you evolve every Pokemon?

You need to grow them up levels,use stones or trade and if want to evolve gravler trade him than back

What do you use to evolve electibuzz in diamond?

To evolve an Electabuzz into an Electivire, trade it while holding an Electirizer.