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You do not

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Q: How can you use a PS3 controller on the Kindle Fire HD?
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How can you use a ps3 controller on a kindle fire?

You do not

Can you use a regular ps3 controller with heavy fire Afghanistan?

Yes you can use a Dual Shock 3 or Move Controller with the Move compatible game

How do you sync a PS3 controller to your PS3?

You use the charging cable to connect the PS3 to Controller and press the Playstation Emblem on the controller

How do you transfer a old controller to you PS3?

When the PS3 is on use the charging cable to connect the controller to the PS3 and press the Playstation Emblem on the controller

Can you play the beatles rock band on the PS3 with a PS3 controller?

u can play it on ps3 but you can't use the ps3 controller

Can you use the PS3 controller on PS2 with adapter?

Not a Dual Shock 3 PS3 controller

Can you use the same case for a Kindle and Kindle Fire?

It depends on the type Kindle case to fit a Kindle Fire.

Can you use the ps3 controller on a ps2?


Is there an adapter to convert my PS2 controller to use for my PS3?

Yes, there is an adapter that lets you use the controller for the PS2 with a PS3, it cost around $6.99.

How do you connect a PS3 controller that's not yours to another console?

Get the PS3 controller and connect it to the other PS3 using the USB recharger. Turn the controller on and after about 10 seconds you can take it out, turn on the controller, and use it wirelessly. All of this is done while the PS3 is turned on.

Can a person use a PS3 controller to play mwf2 on a PC?

It's not about the Game a PS3 controller is designed for the PS3 as a Bluetooth wireless controller that was not designed for the PC or supported by windows software or hardware.

Can you play with the controller plugged in to the PS3 console?

Yes when your controller needs to be charged you can use the charging cable and still use the controller to play the game. Always make sure your system settings automatically turn off your controller when you turn off the PS3. Remember the PS3 will not charge the controller when it is off.