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take a real yugioh card, then look in the bottom left hand corner, take the code and enter it on the game.

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Q: How can you unlock cards in Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds world championship 2009 stardust accelerator?
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How do you unlock Stardust Dragon in yugioh stardust accelerator world championship 2009?

Summon it in a duel

How do you unlock powertool dragon on Yugioh stardust accelerator world championship 2009?

Power Tool Dragon is not an available card or opponent in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator: World Championship 2009.

How do you unlock gladiator's assault in yugioh stardust accelerator world championship 2009?

Defeat the following duelists 5 times each: Lutz, Mana, Shirase, Kurihara, Haruka, Giado, Albie, Bass There in New Domino City.

How do you unlock stardust dragon assault mode in stardust accelerator?

it is avadable in the crimson crisis pack

How do you unlock the Tag Tournament in Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Stardust Accelerator World Championship 2009?

Answer courteous of Unlock 20 Tag Opponents in WC mode to unlock the Tag Tournament.

How do you treat forbidden as unlimited in Yugioh 5ds stardust accelerator world championship 2009?

You need to have 90.00% of all cards in the game to unlock a feature called banlist, with allows you to use 1 Forbidden card in your deck, but there is no way to use forbidden cards as normal ones.

How do you get synchro monsters in stardust accelerator?

You unlock the pack at the store and then you buy it.

In Stardust Accelerator how do you unlock tournament mode?

you have to unlock 15 level 1 2 3 wc mode duelists for more info go on game faqs yugioh 5ds sa wc 2009 and click the walkthrough its very detailed

How do you get synchros in stardust accelerator?

Synchros is a mechanic in Stardust Accelerator the player is not able to use till they have almost finished the game. It specifically starts to be usable to the player once they unlock the Duelist Genesis pack.

Can Yugioh championship 2008 trade with Yugioh gx?

maybe , maybe not. A real question would be, can yugioh championship 2008 NOT trade with yugioh gx? Does anyone know how to unlock Sonic in Super smash Bros. Brawl?

How do you get Crystal Release in Stardust Accelerator?

Crystal Release is in the booster pack "World Championship Edition 7".To unlock this booster pack, you must defeat 40 duelists in CPU Mode five times each.

In Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Stardust Accelerator World Championship 2009 how do you unlock more tag partners in WC mode besides Blister?

Beat a character in Story Mode 10 times to unlock a new tag partner. (Blister sucks)