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Well to send messages in Moshi Monsters you go to someones home and click on there pinboard and click add message then type your message, and press send. If someone sends you a message just read it and then click reply, and then send it. Hope that helps.

On moshi add me my moshi is a member and my username is novastar-popstar add me and I will be sure to say yes to your request)

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Q: How can you send messages in mosh monster?
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Do Justin have a mosh monster?


What wedsite can you chat with monster high?

Monster, if you see an icoffin in the left down corner, you can send messages.

How do people speak moshi monster?

send messages on each others pinbords

What do you do on mosh monsters if your monster is miserable?

Buy it food.

How do you clean your moshi moster?

how to clean your mosh monster

What is a mosh monster friend ship-card?

go buy it

How do you bye clothes for your monster on mosh monsters?

Throw your computer at a wall and yell "ALAKAZAM!"

How do you hug a moshi monster on PC?

You cannot hug other monsters, only send messages to them through the pinboard and visit their room.

How do you chat with other players in the Monster High game?

You will have to talk to people on Moshi Monsters by messages on the Pinboard.

Do you need to be a member on Moshi Monster to chat with people?

No. You can send messages to other monster owners, who are your friends, through the pinboard system. When you are in the other monster owners room click on the pinboard and then click the new message button.

Tell me the name of the monster with the mosh houses on Moshi monsters.?

MrMoshi has different styles for his house.

How do you say send messages in french?

'Send messages' in French is 'envoyer des messages'.