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You need to purchase points with a point card, you can get some at for $20 or you can go on Nintendo and get 1000 pts for $10.00 if your using your wii net.

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Q: How can you points to get games in a Nintendo Wii?
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What can you get with a Nintendo points card?

You can get games on the Nintendo wii like classic games or new games.

Can you download games onto your wii using club Nintendo points?

Yes. You buy star points with your club nintendo points and type in the code on the wii shop channel.

How do you get classic on the Wii without Wii Points?

You have to purchase Wii Points to be able to buy Virtual Console games unless you have gotten it on Club Nintendo.

What are Wii points on the Nintendo Wii?

On the Nintendo Wii, Wii Points can be purchased in the Wii Shop Channel. You need an internet connection to do this. You can use them to download games to your Wii. The games will either use the Wii Remote, GameCube Controller, Classic Controller, or a combination of these. There are two types of downloadable games. Virtual Console Games are games from previous game systems (NES, N64, etc.) that are adapted to your Wii. WiiWare games are games that are not on a disk, but are small games that were recently made just for the Wii. The games will use up Wii Points. Virtual Console Games usually range from 500-1000 points, and WiiWare Games usually range from 800-1500 points.

How do you order Wii points on your Wii?

You buy a card at the store and enter it at the Wii Shop Channel where it says "Get Wii points", or redeem "Stars" you get with Nintendo games you buy.

How many Wii points is worth paper Mario 64?

All Nintendo 64 games cost 1000 Wii Points.

How do you get a Nintendo points card?

You should be able to get a Nintendo points card from any local game shop that sells Nintendo dsi and Nintendo wii games. Hope this helps :) .

Can you get Wii points by buying a Wii game or another Wii product?

There is are no Wii games or products that give free Wii points. The only way you can obtain them is to buy them using a Nintendo points card or a credit card.

Can playstation 2 games be played on Nintendo Wii console?

On the Nintendo Wii, you can play obviously Wii games and Nintendo Gamecube games.

Where do you get Wii points from?

Either from target or the wii store of the wii itself. Scratch cards that come with new games can redeemed for points - see the Nintendo website (i think the address is also on the cards that come with the games)

Can you play Nintendo games on the wii you?

Of course. The Nintendo Wii can play Wii games as well as GameCube games.

Can you use Wii points now Nintendo points are out?

They still sell wii points even though Nintendo points are out(for some reason). So I assume you can.