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Normally not but you can install a app where you can play it without disc.

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Q: How can you play rome total war without disc?
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Can you play Rome Total War without disc if its installed?

Yes i can play.

When i play Age of Empires rise of rome without the disk it display a message You must insert a game CD to play single player insert the disc and restart Age of Empires?

there is something called hacking cause i don't have the cd but i can play single player

What event left Rome without a leader?

Julius Caesar's death left Rome without a leaderbut after a little bit Augustus came into play and made some great changes to Rome.

Can you play as pirates in the Empire Total War Campaigns?

No... That's like saying cfan you play rebels in Rome Total War (You can but it will freeze)

How do you get more money on rome total war?

you get 23 quid if u play one game in the tower im sorry i dont know what the heck is rome total war!!

How do you unlock other factions in Rome Total War without cheating?

Playing out campaings.

Is Rome total war 2 out?

Yes there will be Rome total war 2 (Total war Rome total war2) in 2013

Can you be SPQR on rome total war?

Edit the Dscr_Strat and you will play as them, careful though; you might destroy game play if you execute this move imperfectly.

Can you play as scipii in Rome Total War barbarian invasion?

No but there may be a download on the internet! Look around!

Can you play rome total war with a controller?

I don't think so... Too many keys for a controller.

How do you play fourth age total war with steam?

download the mod, install it too your rome total war (main) directory, set the launch options to -show_err -nm -mod:bi/ci by right clicking on whatever is your rome total war in the steam games menu and just run it

Why does your Rome Total War not work on windows vista?

rome total war might not work on your computer because you may not have the system requirements to play, rome total war works perfectly well on my computer which has vista. if it is not because the system requirements then it might be the game, i would advise you to return it or trade it for another game :D