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Yes, To make them happy all the time you need to do


At the same time and type

testingcheatsenabled true

Then press enter

And press shift at the same time you click on your households mailbox

You will have the choice to '' Make all happy '' That will make your household

Happy, but it is temporary

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Q: How can you make your sims happy all the time on sims 3?
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How do you make all The Sims happy on your Sims Kingdom?

This is a very good question for me to answer, because i finished that whole game-and it's not hard. All u have to do is talk to them and give them gifts to make them happy. !

Do you need to make cats happy all the time?

You can't possibly make a cat happy all of the time. Just try to make your cat generally happy most of the time.

On sims 2 for GameCube where is the try for baby option?

It takes a long time....but be sure you make them happy, healthy, and that they like each other. So I would not waste my time with trying all the time.

In The Sims 2 How can you cheat to make your sims feel better?

Ctrl, Shift, C. Then type: boolProp testingcheatsenabled true Then hold shift and click on the mailbox, then select house, then make all happy. That will make all the sims in the household have full green meters in Needs.

What the cheat for all sims motives happy in get a life?

how do you get a baby in sims pets2

Is there a sims cheat that can make them happy?

If your talking about the Sims 3, then yes, there is. Press 'shift' 'ctrl' and 'c' keys to open up a cheat box code. Enter 'testingCheatsenabled true'. After that shift click on your sim's mailbox and there will be an option to 'Make All happy'. Click on that and you got yourself a happy sim!

How do you make time faster for sims 3?

Type in "testingcheatsenabled true" Shift-click the mailboxSelect "make all happy" or "make needs static" (first will let motives go down again at the normal rate, second will not)

How do you maximise your sims health on sims 2 PC?

The answer to this easy! Just follow these steps:hit ctrl+alt+Ctype: boolproptestingcheatsenabled truethen right-click on your postboxclick on "make all sims happy"Then if you want the motives to stay maximised then click "make motives static"

How do you make cheat box on sims?

ctrl+shift+c all at the same time

How do you make roy happy in My Sims Kingdom?

Encourage, then sad, then angry, then happy, then angry.

How do you make your sims really happy in Sims 2 deluxe edition PC?

In the neighborhood type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true and then go onto a family. Go to the family's post box and hold down shift and click and then either house... make all happy or just make all happy. Then type in the cheat box on the family motiveDecay off and their motives chould stay up all the time and never go down. but if your sim ever happens to want to start a family and have a baby then when she has the baby the motives will start to go down again and you will have to re-type the cheat.

How do you raise needs on sims 3?

press [ctrl] [Shift] [C] and type in [testingcheatsenabled true] and then press [shift] and click on the mailbox and choose "make all happy" and then if you want their moods to stay maxed all the time do the shift and click again and click "Make Motives Static"