How can you make sims fall in love?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If your sims are already best friends, flirt with or kiss them. If not, get them best friends while flirting/kissing them

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Q: How can you make sims fall in love?
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On the sims 2 how do you make the kids fall in love?

kids cant fall in love

What you need to do to make your Sims fall in love to The Sims that he or she does not know in The Sims 2 Season?

Sims can only fall in love with a Sim they have met, if they don't each other they will have no relationship.

Can you have a baby on sims busting out for PS2?

its easy just make your sims fall in love then make them kiss [you have to do it at malcoms

Can sims fall in love on sims 2 castaway?

Yes sims can fall in love on mostly all sims 2 or sims games

Can The Sims in sims 3 fall in love with the grim reaper?

they can fall in love but i want to know if you can get them to have children and how?

How do you make the sims from castaway fall in love?

You'll be happy to hear no one will care if you are a player because you can't fall in love!

On sims 2 castaway can you make your hyenas fall in love?

Sorry but no you cant.

In sims 1 how do The Sims fall in love?

you have to KEEP ON FLIRTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there a way you can make sims in the same family fall in love on sims 2?

ewww and no, not unless their related by marriage. But you can make sims have the same last name even if they aren't made at the same time. Then you can have a Mr. Smith already in the neighborhood and create a Miss Smith. Move them in together and have them fall in love.

How do you make sims in sims 2 pets want to fall in love?

In the Sims series of games, your Sims won't want to fall in love until they know each other well... so you have to get your sims to have conversations with each other, and know each other really well, and that will open up additional "love" options, like giving them a hug. :) If you take it slow and don't try to push them into it too fast, you can usually get any two sims to fall in love with each other.

How 2 get sims ingaged?

you make ur sims fall in love then make the male or female propose. then when you want to. put them under the flower gate thing and then they will be married.

Can children fall in love in Sims 2?

No they can not.