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If Roblox crashes simply reopen it. If you were playing just go back into your web browser and click the play button again. If you were building go to my programs, roblox, and roblox studio.

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litterally cry in a hole

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just **** ur pc

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Q: How can you make new roblox if it crash?
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How do you make a roblox?

U make a roblox with cheeze

How do you set up build mode on roblox?

Build mode is set up by opening Roblox Studio. When you get in, click the "New" button. This will make a new game where you can build.

How do you crash a server on roblox?

You want to open cheat engine and select the Roblox App.exe closest to the bottom when you click the computer icon! Then click memory view and make it writable! Now all you do is type in incorect or "corrupt" codes and soon it will say "Roblox has crashed!" (Sorry for bad english)

How do you place model in place for the new roblox for 2011?

Go to menu then look for "Roblox Studio". Click roblox studio then find the toolbox. Click that and you can make and insert models into your place.

How do you fix your games on roblox?

To fix the Roblox updating glitch, simply factory restore your device.

Will there be any more Crash games?

maybe who knows probably when they run out of ideas they will make a new one for crash

Why is telamon so popular on roblox?

Telamon Is the Graphics Director of Roblox. Builderman Does to Site, and the Rest Goes to Clockwork,Reeseblox and More.INCASE you dont know,Roblox (ID number1) Is an account used by creators of Roblox to Make New Items.

How do you make a new server in roblox?

Just click play and it will generate a server.

How do you make a level on roblox?

To build a level on Roblox first click your computer's start menu>programs>Roblox studio. When opened select File>new place. You are now ready to build a place on Roblox. You can find helpful tutorials on how to actually build your place on the Roblox wiki.

How do you start a new server on roblox?

Roblox will do it, you can't chose it.

How do you make a Place in Roblox?

go to build, press build new then click on place. then configure it

do you like the old roblox or the roblox new?