How can you make a totodile egg?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can breed Croconaw or Feraligtr with Ditto in the Pokemon Day Care.

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Q: How can you make a totodile egg?
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How do you get a totodile egg in Pokemon soul silver?

The day care is between Ilex Forest and Goldenrod City. Put a Ditto and a Totodile, Croconaw, or a Feraligatyr in the daycare and they will have an egg

If you breed your Feraligatr and Ditto will you definitely get a Totodile egg?

Yes you will

Can you get a totodile egg by puting croconaw and ditto in the daycare?

Yes, you can.

In soul silver can feralligator have an egg with a Ditto?

Yes, Feraligatr can breed and lay an Egg with a Ditto however it'll be a Totodile Egg.

Who can trade me a totodile?

I can. But only for a deoxys or darkrai. I can make it hold a lucky egg or a masterball. leave date time and friend code on discussion page.

Can you get a todidile egg at day-care?

Yes, if you have a male and a female totodile in the daycare at the same time and walk for awhile. If you only have one totodile, a ditto works too.

How can you get a totodile if you chose chikorita?

There may be an action replay code, but I'm not sure. And, you can always trade from another game. Oh, and if they don't want to loose their totodile, put it and a ditto in daycare, and when you get an egg, hatch it. And it should be a totodile, and you can trade that one. Problem solved!

How do you beat groundon in red rescue team if your a Eevee with a totodile?

make totodile keep on using water gun and make eevee's moves are to be linked

How do you get totodile in Pokemon Gold?

You can get it as a starter. If you aren't satisfied with one Totodile, capture a Ditto and stick them in the daycare center for a while, and get an egg. Ditto's are most commonly found on route 35. Hope i helped!

How many steps do you need to hatch a totodile egg?

I heard that in was like 5125 or something like that in the 5100's

How do you get a totodile egg in Pokemon HeartGold?

You'll need either a Totodile, Croconaw, or a Feraligatr. If you decide to breed it with a Ditto (which can be found on Route 34), it does not matter what gender Totodile, Croconaw, or Feraligatr are. But if you decide to not use Ditto, then Totodile, Croconaw, and Feraligatr will need to be female. (if you want your Totodile to learn a certain move that it only learns through breeding, then it must be female, while the father knows the move.) Some pokemon that Totodile, Croconaw, and Feraligatr can breed with are: slowpoke mareep loudred kangaskhan poliwag Marill wooper after you're set with your two pokemon, leave them in the day-care (route 34) for a while. (a pokemon can forget moves while in the day-care if left long enough). a totodile egg will hatch after a minimum of 5,355 steps have been taken.

How do you get Totodile in Firered?

I don't think you can get Totodile in Firered