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Use a Y-splitter to split the video connection.

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Q: How can you hook two TVs up to one xbox?
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I have the older white one and he has the newer black one. How can you get to two Xbox 360s to connect to Xbox Live?

Different tvs and different accounts

Can you hook up two HDMI cables to a tv with only one jack?

no not with one jack you cant

Can you play xbox 360 on two TVs with a friend?

Not unless you have two Xbox's.

Can you hook one ps2 to two different TVs?

Yes if you split the TV connection it can be viewed on 2 TVs

Can you hook Two PS3 on two different TVs?


Why do you need a vga to rca cable?

A VGA to RCA cable allows you to connect components such as a laptop to a television. These two components are not necessarily built ready to connect so a VGA to RCA cable allows for the signal version without a converter.

How do you play nazi zombies with more than two players and not on xbox live?

you have to have two televisions and two xboxes and play system link while having a cord connecting both of the xboxes, i have played with 4 players, 2 on one tv and 2 on the other but next to each other, without xbox live

Can you hook up WII to two different televisions?

you have to have 2 Wii's!

How can you get videos from your PC to your Xbox360?

well there are two ways one is to use a flash drive which is much easyr you know just save it on the drive then hook it up to your xbox port then tell your xbox to rip or copy the file onto the hard drive... the other one is to get a cat-5 cable like the one that goes from the back of a modem to your computer and hook your computer to the xbox and copy it to the xbox

Can you play xbox 360 split screen on two TVs?


Is there a way you can hook two Playstation 2's and two different TVs on GTA San Andreas to see each other?

You can hook 2 TVs to a PS2 and see the same thing like a movie in an appliance store

How do you play Xbox live with 2 people using same TV and Xbox 360?

Take any other account you have on your xbox when you're signing in, and it should give the option join xbox live follow the steps it gives you and then you should have multiple xbox live accounts on your xbox