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You talk to them and do there mini missions they assign you.

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Q: How can you help the two penguins in Club Penguin?
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Can you use one membership for two penguins on club penguin?


How do you get the two bottom penguins on avalanche on Club Penguin?

It is Really easy!!

You have two acconuts on Club Penguin how do you get a penguin?

Make your own penguin. You can only carry up to six penguins.

How do you get two penguins on Club Penguin?

you cant Unless you make two accounts, obviously.

How do you get two penguins on your account on Club Penguin?

you cant if you want another penguin make another account

On club penguin how do you help the two penguins in the plaza with the puffle?

just go to the coffee shop , and hello her pick up the cookies. then give the puffle a cookie.k bye!

How do you get 2 secret agent penguins from same computer in club penguin?

You can't do that. Club Penguin won't allow you to have two ppl on at the same time on the same computer. Somehow it just knows.

What is Club Penguins Email Address?

Club penguins email address is

Where is the buddies list in club penguin?

its either a happy face or two penguins an icon next to the house icon on the blue thingy

Why have some penguins got two arrows coming out of the side of their inventory on club penguin?

I have never seen this before but it is probably a glitch.

How do you solve the vegetable villain in club penguin?

Its easy. The penguins will tell you what to do. The only hard bits are the two mini-games you play

Where are the pins in club penguin?

pins are allover the island if you cant find it ask other penguins there is 1 every two weeks