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That is impossible. You must buy it. But you can get it free just on the game test server. You can go there at

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Q: How can you get turbo builders club for free?
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Is builders club free on roblox?

No, There are Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club and Outrageous Builders Club ~L~

How do you get free turbo builders club on roblox?

You can get Builders Club on ROBLOX for free by following this guide:

Can you get free turbo builders club on roblox?

You can get Builders Club on ROBLOX for free by following this guide:

What are the types of builders clubs on Roblox?

the types of builders club are builders club monthly builders club six month builders club twelve month builders club lifetime turbo BC monthly turbo BC six months turbo BC twelve months turbo BC lifetime and OBC monthly and OBC lifetime but its hard to get

What is the bonus gear on Turbo builders club?

it is a easteer basket im inTurbo Builders Club

Is it free to join the Builders Club on Roblox?

No, Builders Club actually costs money. If you go on the website and click on the Builder's Club tab on the website you can see the many prices there are for Builder's Club, Turbo Builder's Club, and for the Outrageous Builder's Club.

What is builders club in roblox?

Builders Club (otherwise known as BC) is a membership. There are currently three types (and will never be four) types of Builders Club. The three types are, BC (Builders Club), TBC (Turbo Builders Club), and OBC (Outrageous Builders Club). I have OBC and LOVE it. Add firetiger587.

How much robux do you get when you buy OBC on roblox?

You will get 100 R$ for upgrading to turbo builders club. or at least i since obc means turbo builders club. OBC does NOT mean Turbo Builders club. What dummy would think that? OBC means Outrageous Builders Club. You get a 100 R$ signing bonus and 60 robux per day with OBC.

How do you get Robux without trading currency in ROBLOX?

You either have to buy it directly from the exchange with real money, or buy Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club or Ultra Builders Club (also with real money).

Can you gat free turbo builders club?

there is one way you have a friend how has BC and he is nice and you ask him to buy it it work for me so ask your BC friend

Get free bilders club on roblox?

It's impossible to get free Builders Club.

How do you get free Builder club?

you Can't get Free Builders Club Just Buy it